Digital Transformation

The digitalization of companies (AI, digital platform and crowd) is forcing an 'out of the box thinking' supported by vision, mission and goals. EA defines roadmaps (the means) to get to these ends. We would like to share our expertise of this rapidly changing world with your organization!

'There is no Digital Strategy anymore, just strategy in a Digital World'. This statement also applies to Digital Transformation.

We think that 'digital' transformation is a never-ending pursuit of excellence from all stakeholders standpoint and it applies to all processes of an organization. But here is the twist, even when an organization is 'fully optimized', it might have ceased to be relevant to your consumers / customers.

If you translate this in the IT world, and here we are taking the position that IT can lead the transformation, it means that IT has 3 major areas to address:

  • Run IT (keeps the lights on and make sure it has capacity to keep running)
  • Optimize and Extend IT (do the projects that the business wants, some projects extend existing IT functionalities, others are more about optimization driven by cost reduction for example and some have both)
  • Innovate (this is where relevancy to consumers / customers is systematically questionned and where the new technologies are assessed to understand how they can benefit the organisation and/or the consumers / customers).

We are innovators, we created an EA framework and accelerator (ITA&S-F) and a Hybrid EDW approach (ITA&S-H) to provide greater value. We were early adopters of DB appliances, Hadoop, OLAP on Hadoop (in fact, a google search on 'OLAP on Hadoop' was not returning any result 6 or 7 years ago when we thought about it), governed data lake, and many more. AI is going to be huge and the potential of other technologies such as but not limited to augmented reality and blockchains could also be huge. Imagine when you combined them!

But technology alone will not support a digital transformation, it needs to be coupled with:

  • AI to optimize processes
  • Digital platform where various stakeholders interact with a great user experience
  • Crowd for feedback loops, ideas and even solutions (design, algorithm, etc.)
  • Enterprise Architecture for its roadmaps and business capabilities map both aligned with business objectives
  • Digital Analytics to capture users behaviors and intents

Given that these represent our expertise, we think we could help your organization in its transformation.


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