RFP & Vendor Selection

We have accompanied several organizations in their acquisition of hardware and software and/or in their selections of cloud computing solutions.

Our team members have participated multiple times in the selection of software and hardware, including related professional services, for various companies covering:

  • Software:
    • Hadoop distribution
    • ETL tools
    • Databases
    • BI tools
    • TMS (tag management systems)
    • ESB
    • Connectors
    • ...
  • Hardware:
    • Hadoop infrastructure
    • Appliances infrastructure
    • DB infrastructure
    • Cloud provider for a DataLake
    • ...

Our team members support the following activities:

  • Identification of the requirements
  • Creation of the materials used for RFI and RFP
  • Identification of the suppliers
  • Responses evaluation
  • Proof of Concepts and/or product demonstrations
  • Pricing strategies to identify best model for our customer with Opex/Capex simulations and for a 3 years viewpoint
  • Negotiations (or supporting procurement in the process)
  • Contract verification (from a coverage and/or limitations of capabilities, exit strategy, price protection viewpoint, not from a legal viewpoint)

We also got involved in contracts optimization covering:

  • Renewals (with understanding of capacity planning)
  • Aligning various smaller contracts through a new enterprise-wide single contract
  • Growth or reduction of needs

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