Enterprise Data Management

Our expertise covers entire spectrum of EDM: BI, Data Governance / Quality / Lineage, MDM, Big Data & Analytics, Data Architecture / Security / Privacy, Metadata and Operational DB.

Data is fragmented in organizations and integrating it is harder than most people think… Here are some of the EDM practices, architecture, processes and tools you should consider deploying to take care of this critical asset:

  • Data Architecture & Governance (including SIPOC and CRUD matrices)
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Quality with stewardship/ownership/custodianship
  • Data Dictionary (including mapping)
  • Service Based Architecture
  • Metadata Management & Data Lineage
  • Governed Data Lake
  • Data Privacy
  • Retention and Archiving (ILCM)
  • BI and Advanced Analytics
  • Security including Risk and Threat Analysis
  • Security in the cloud
  • Data Policies

As you can see data manifest itself in many ways. We contributed to the design of enterprise-wide data models for multiple organizations. To these models, we added user defined functions in various data modeling tools (ErWin, Powerdesigner and more) to integrate data governance elements such as ownership, custodianship, and stewardship as well as retention policies. We used six sigma SIPOC to associate data to business processes and we built CRUD matrices in organizations using Information Engineering principles. We were involved in MDM projects and implemented operational processes to handle data quality.

We reused the ITA&S-F metamodel to hold all these relationships in some projects, we also helped organizations to built their own metamodel supporting their EA framework with same purpose of capturing all these relationships. More recently, we helped in designing a governed data lake with multiple security measures for a large organization.

Some of our team members worked in organizations where data privacy was paramount and got a great understanding of privacy and security. And as you must have noticed at this point, we are quite experienced in BI, Big Data & Analytics. In short, EDM requires multiple expertises than can only be acquired through many years in projects involving data from all these angles.

We also use a metadata layer technology, from AtScale, to create a semantic layer over a Big Data Warehouse, like we did in 'traditional BI' with tools from Microsoft, Business Objects, MicroStrategy, Information Builders and others.

So, we offer EDM consulting services covering the above and also offer a 'rent' a CDO (Chief Data Officer) service to put in place such a function, replace a departure or help bring up to speed an executive in this role.


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